Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is it, folks. My first all-nighter. I have a paper due tomorrow and two tests on Tuesday. So why in the world are you blogging? Great question. And one that I don't know the answer to. But here I am. One of my roommates just informed me that on a Grey's episode a woman that didn't have a voice let her blog ruin her relationship with her husband. It might have been her way of telling me to stop blogging when I have so much to do. Point taken, Roomie. Good idea.

Now let me just drink this liquid energy and eat my ever-so-small Special K bar and I'll be ready to go.

Get excited about my post after my paper. Isaiah 54 is a phenomenal chapter (also what my paper's over.)

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Nikki said...

First of all, yes, I stalk your blog--get over it.

Second, how is this your FIRST all-nighter? Please tell me you mean first of the year...that would make it a bit better.

Third, I absolutely love you, and I have a note to give you that tells you all of the reasons why that is. =) So, while writing your paper, you can keep some anticipation in the back of your mind, okay?? =)