Saturday, November 21, 2009

Idabel Weekend

Well it's definitely been awhile. This is usually the busiest time of fall semester for me because all the professors think they are helping us by having things due before Thanksgiving. They just don't realize that they ALL do it, so it does not help us.

While it's been a CRAZY few weeks, I've been really blessed by a lot of things recently. Mostly stuff with friends. Last weekend, one of my friends took our group of friends to her hometown for the weekend where her parents rented us a cabin. Oh. My. Goodness. I needed that so much! It was such a great weekend!! So I just wanted to show you a few pictures from it.

Aaron, Abigail, and Will. Just an example of one of the beds. (DON'T WORRY! Boys and girls slept in separate rooms.)

The kitchen! Kaylee's mom cooked for us all weekend and it was wonderful!!

An example of absolutely beautiful Oklahoma scenery.
And of course the Wil(l)'s had to fight in the big, manly stream.

Ok, Summer. I give you full permission to use the next two pictures for whatever blackmail you need. (Also, it's ROOT beer. Haha, still funny, though.)
Above is Ben drinking some Okie root beer. Below is Wil imitating the museum artwork.

I got to play with puppies!!!! They were absolutely precious!!
And then there was this stupid turkey that kept scaring me. Will is slightly terrifying here, too.
Some mascot or something? Oh! We went to a folk festival which is where all these pictures were taken.

Me, Laura, and Aaron listening to some classic folk music.
I'm not sure the chicken and duck liked Aaron too much.
Abigail, me, Kaylee, Lisa, Bailey, Laura, and Kayla. Wow wow wow. I really don't know what I would do without these amazing women. They are wonderful.

Me and Kaylee, our hostess for the weekend!
Beautiful Oklahoma sunset!!!
Eating dinner trying not to mess up the all-important puzzle.
Our cabin!! The Cowboy Cabin. I would go back right now if I could.
Abigail, Kayla, and Laura at lunch on Sunday.
That's Kaylee's grandpa's house. All of it was so beautiful!!

Kaylee, thank you so much for taking us!!! It could not have been a better weekend!


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Summer said...

Wow! I am so honored that I got a shout out on the blog. I am just going to sit here and feel special for a minute....ok, I'm done.

Now, give me directions to that place, it's beautiful!