Monday, April 25, 2011

Savor Change

This past weekend at LTC, my hotel key had
 the words "Savor Change" on it.
How fortunate.
Because times they are a-changing. 

These two are graduating, getting married (one's already married), and getting real jobs and houses. 
These two are getting married and possibly moving far, far away.
This one is definitely moving far, far away. To Phoenix. After she graduates and gets married. 
Far away tends to be a theme. This one's going to Atlanta.
And these two are hitting the road. 
This picture will be worth big bucks one day. 

Change is everywhere. I guess that's what usually comes at the end of your 4th year of college. But I'm not sure if the words "savor change" are right for me today. While they're all growing up and moving on, I'm staying here. Living it up at my parents' house.
 (Unexpected change of plans.) 
I'm beyond excited for all of my great friends 
and all the amazing things they're about to experience.

But I would be lying if I said I was savoring the change. 
More like... 
"wishing the change would stop and we could just freeze this moment for a little while longer or at least all live in Edmond til I leave." 
That definitely sounds like what I'm experiencing. 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday, Basketball, and Banquet

 "There will come a time,  
 you'll see, 
 with no more tears  
 and love will not break your heart, 
 but dismiss your fears. 
 Get over your hill and 
 see what you find there
 with grace in your heart 
 and flowers in your hair."
"After the Storm" - Mumford and Sons