Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random Picture Weekend

So I don't lead an exciting life during the summer when everyone's gone. So I might have played Settler's 2 nights this week. So I probably know more about all of my friends due to my hours of unproductive time on Facebook. So all of this leads me to have NOTHING to post about. (I know you're probably all thinking "No joke, you told us when you got a library card for heaven's sakes!) (Also, heaven's sakes?? What does that even mean??)

So I have now dubbed this weekend: RANDOM PICTURE WEEKEND! Mostly to end my boredom. Each day I'll post a picture I feel you need to see. Feel free to join in. Or not. Either way.

Ok. Here it is:

These are my wonderful roommates and myself. Maybe it was because we hadn't seen each other all summer. Maybe we were tired from moving in. I really don't know why we decided to dress up as 2 rappers and a... provocative girl and make a music video to 'Apple Bottom Jeans', but we did. And let me tell you, that music video is A-MAZING! But we swore that we would never show any males or really anyone. It's a little bit embarrassing.