Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tonight will hopefully be a short post. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

I really just wanted to share a couple of quotes from my Bible class today. We were talking about Jeremiah's decision to remain in Jerusalem in Jeremiah 40:1-6 and the Remnant's decision to go to Egypt in Jeremiah 42:10-12. We were really just discussing decision making in general based on these two scenarios as guides to Godly decision-making. Jeremiah, for whatever reason, decided to stay in Jerusalem even though it would be harder and much more burdensome than going to Babylon. The Remnant of Israel decided to "take the easy way out" and go to Egypt rather than staying in their burnt, destroyed city.

The thing that my teacher said that left me speechless was, "Most people would rather live in Egypt than live by faith. Faith has a lot of ambiguities, but not a lot of monuments. Egypt has a lot of monuments and very few ambiguities."

It's basically just a twist on the old "Walk by faith, not by sight" phrase, but a twist that opened my eyes to how important and difficult it is to live by faith.

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