Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tribute #2

So camp happened and I got a little busy and a little lazy. Now I find myself with only 1 day left in Houston before my mom gets here which means I will be posting multiple posts today so I can get all my shout-outs in.

Get ready for Tribute #2:

The Blythe Family

See those 3 kids? The triplets? 
Well I had the great opportunity of teaching them piano this summer.
According to outside sources, they hated it. 
But who can blame them, really? 
I never enjoyed taking summer piano lessons.
Let's be real, who wants to practice during the summer?
(Dr. Thompson, if you're reading this, the answer to that question is me. I want to practice during the summer. All the time.)

Back to the Blythe's. 
After piano lessons every week, I would stay for dinner. 
There aren't really words to describe my food experience at their house. 
So instead I'll give you a picture.

And there you have it, folks.
They are SO good. 
I probably gained 15 lbs. just eating at their house every week.

Blythe Family,
Thank you for asking me to teach your children piano. 
Pam, thank you for feeding me. 


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