Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Road to Robles is Almost Done!!

I will now take a break from the tribute posts (can you really take a break if you've only done it once?) to give you a different kind of post.

Tomorrow I will leave for Camp Ten:10 and will be gone through Sunday. Not only does this mean that I will be in the muggy Houston heat for a few days (not really that bad) but it also means that I have to miss the one major Edmond event I desperately want to attend. 

On Saturday, this sweet couple will be tying the knot. 

Since I won't be able to attend the wedding AND since I won't be able to blog from now until Sunday, I've decided to do 
my Congratulations, Tiffany post today. 

Congratulations on getting married! I can't believe it's finally here!
Remember when we made cupcakes together? And I literally had no idea who you were?

We've come a long way since then.
You mean so much to me. I cannot adequately put into words on a blog what all you have done for me.
Thank you for all those late night 
conversations (and crying sessions) during the cruise.
They changed my life. 
Thank you for putting God first 
in so many things you do throughout life.
And for being an example to me and others through that. 
Thank you for loving me where I am 
and for understanding when I fall back into old habits.
Thank you for just listening when I need someone to just listen. 
But thank you for giving hard advice when I need a reality check. 

I have had so much fun being your friend 
and can't believe we waited this long to make it happen. 
I am so sad I won't be at your wedding 
and will be mourning that fact this weekend.
For what it's worth, I'll be thinking about you and praying for you as you and Reagan start your new life. 
And what a great life it will be. 
Be prepared for lots of coffee dates
 and who knows what else as the new semester starts.
I can't wait to see where God takes us in the things He's planned for us. 
You're already such a fantastic woman 
and are going to make a great wife!
Have fun on your big day (and the big week afterwards)!

I love you!! 



Anonymous said...

welp, didn't expect to cry when i read your blog today! so sweet!

Kaylee said...

and that comment was from Kaylee... not sure why my name didn't show up.