Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Plans

The Lord has big plans for this semester. 

I guess He always has big plans for any semester. I should say - the Lord has made me aware of some of His big plans for this semester.

This summer I spent a good portion of my free time alone which gave me a LOT of thinking time. And communing with the Almighty time. It was pretty wonderful, actually.

But another large portion of my free time was spent reading blogs. I stumbled across this blog. I actually know one of the contributors to this blog so it made it all the more interesting to me. The work God is doing through these men in Abilene is absolutely incredible. Basically (for those of you not wanting to click over), they have moved into a horrible part of Abilene and are letting the Lord guide them as they minister to the people in their area. God is doing all kinds of amazing things. It's wonderful.

While reading the blog, my two favorite summer hobbies (thinking time and blog time) collided. I started thinking about all the things I could do to help out that house in Abilene. I could crochet scarves for the kids for winter. I could send money to help with living expenses. I could raise awareness. I could start a prayer drive. I could love all those kids from afar in my prayers and thoughts.

That's when the still, small voice spoke.

What about the people I've placed around you?

Funny. I don't remember being placed in downtown OKC. I'm not placed among needy children. The people I live around don't want for anything materially. They have got it made. My time would be much better spent crocheting hats for the poor kids in Abilene.

How can you love the God (or people) you don't see when you're not loving the people you do see?

You're right.
(Somehow this is how our conversations always end.)

And He was right. So I asked Him to help me dream big. And oh my has He helped me dream big.

I am ashamed to tell you this, but I could not tell you the names of the people who lived beneath or above me last year. I couldn't even pick them out of a crowd. I literally have no idea who they were. How heartbreaking. God has placed me here at this exact time in this exact place and I have let opportunities slip past me.

But thank God I serve a God who has broken off the rearview mirror. 

So this semester, God and I are out to remedy this situation starting with Sunday lunches. One of my friends and I have decided to host Sunday lunches in our apartments (we're neighbors) every Sunday for anyone who wants to partake. We'll switch off every Sunday. Food will be cooked. Friendships will be formed. Coffee will be consumed. But, most importantly, people will be loved.

Like I said, He has big plans starting with me loving the people where I'm at.

So get ready. God's going to be telling some big stories this semester.



laura said...

I love it! I've been alone a lot here in our new town and I've been kind of down. I really need to start looking out more and less inward at myself (and my bordom, my complaints and my sadness about not being able to shop whenever i want - how lame). You've inspired me to look around. Thank you!

HallieMarie said...

Girl, I love this! Your blog is such a blessing! Hopefully through those Sunday lunches I will get to know you better... you seem to have a beautiful heart!