Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trout: 256 Taylor/Jensen: 0

We didn't catch anything. All day. The trout didn't like any of the flies or lures or power bait. Stupid South Dakota Trout. But wasn't it beautiful???



Abigail said...

for some odd reason, in that picture of you and your dear little sis, i thought you were wearing a fanny pack. and i was thinking, "wow, karissa and i need to have a discussion about why no one wears fanny packs."

but then i realized you weren't, it was just a shadow.

so the point of this is... good job not wearing a fanny pack.

Kaylee said...

yes, because fanny packs are the WORST! I dislike them so much.

It is only acceptable when it is really, really old people. And even then, I have to look the other way.

Thank you for not wearing them, Karissa.