Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's hope all 8 of us make it back alive

That's right, everyone. It's time for Family Vacation 2009. South Dakota, here we come.

4 parents. 4 kids, ages 11-20. 10 hours in the car tomorrow. We might be crazy.

It will be fun. I hear Mount Rushmore is great, which is the main reason we're going to the big SD. But we're also doing tons of other fun family friendly festivities like Wall drug, the corn maze, Pirate's cove putt-putt, the prairie dog town, and other edge-of-your-seat, action-packed activities.

Well, I'm basically done posting what I planned to post today, but I don't feel like I can leave for the next week without addressing the one thing on everyone's mind. Ok, probably just my mind since the majority of you don't know what the heck this is.
Sooner Youth Camp.
If you look here, you should be able to catch just a glimpse of what this place means to me. I can't believe I won't be spending the 3rd week of July in the blazing heat of Ardmore, OK. I will not sing 'My God and I' under the stars at all next week. I won't bang on any tables in order to speak at meal times. I won't be shouting EAT! before every meal. I won't sing 'Heavenly Medley' til the counselors make us leave for sports. And I won't see any of the amazing people I've grown to love because of this amazing camp.
But it's okay. Sooner probably defined who I was for a large portion of my very short life. It doesn't anymore, and I'm okay with that. I will miss it, but I'm ready to make new memories for the 3rd week of July.

"When life's evening shadows, hide life's morning blues, dear ole' Sooner Youth Camp, I'll remember you."


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