Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Italy (Venice, Florence, Milan(ish))

So at the end of the trip we went on free travel. One group went to Berlin and my group went to Italy. It was... interesting. The cities we went to were beautiful and I did have a good time. I think I would do it all again if I could... maybe. I will say: If you decide to go to a foreign country, book your hostels in advance (we didn't), bring enough money (most of us didn't), be nice to the people in your group (I definitely wasn't all the time), and don't try to see 3 cities in 4 days (we did). Besides that, it was great!!

My wonderful roommate for the trip, Courtney, and I in Venice.We had a little photo-shoot on a bridge in Venice. One of many mishaps on our trip. Our train was delayed at this station, Grizzano M., for 2 hours because there was a wreck on the tracks the day BEFORE. Italian transportation. Go figure. Florence was beautiful!! The whole group. From left: Andy, Courtney, Jason, Me, GregBreath-taking Florence! Is it sad that I thought of "While You Were Sleeping" the whole time I was looking at this??And again. This sign wasn't exactly what we thought it was. We ended up walking much more than the 9 km we thought we would be walking.Pretty self-explanatory. Bites on my arms. If you think these were bad, you should have seen my legs. Stupid Italian bugs.It takes a lot of confidence in your friendship with your blog readers to put this picture up. These are my feet after walking all those miles. That is pure Italian dirt, my friends. Beautiful.


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Kaylee said...

i remember how unreliable Italian transportation is. that laid back charm is not quite as enjoyable when you miss your train.