Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crafts and Cakesters

It is officially the weekend. For me, at least. I am celebrating this particular momentous occasion by sitting on the couch in my living room, eating Oreo Cakesters, and watching Friends. 

Speaking of Oreo Cakesters. I know it looks like they fixed something that didn't need fixing. But let me be the first to tell you, you just didn't know it needed fixing. These things are so good. So so good. (And just because I'm having some now does not in any way mean I'm going to pass up on the cookies and cream brownies M and E made today. No way.)

Ok. Back from the land of desserts. I successfully finished my first week of work. Granted. It was only a 3-day week. But one of those days was a 12-hour work day. 

Lemme show you how it went:

I made crafts. 

And made crafts and made crafts and made crafts.
And then once the examples were done, I had to get started on the prep work so all the kids could also do the crafts
You really haven't lived until you've put faces on 300 popsicle sticks.

But the crafts were all made. Everything got finished. And we're all ready for Creation Station next week (our preschool mini-day-camp). And I'm all ready for the weekend. Maybe I'll explore Houston. Or sew. Or just veg. So many options. So little time. 


Anonymous said...

i thouroughly enjoy this post. miss you!

Bailey said...

I love that you changed between the prep and the faces. But all of the crafts are super cute! Miss you! I'm glad you're blogging more - I love hearing about what you're doing!