Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolutions???? Let's just postpone them for a day.

So I may have stayed up WAY later than I planned. So I may be going to bed in a room that's not completely clean. So I may have eaten a few too many animal crackers in my desperate search for something edible. So I may be technically blogging on Jan. 11 instead of Jan. 10. 

But hey. I did the dishes (one bowl). And I postponed all the rest of it for something much, much more worth it. Wonderful friends. Sometimes (most of the time) I wish that people lived at school over the break. Or that they could sign up for it. Like at Hogwarts. Then I wouldn't have to read 5 Harry Potter books over break. Then I wouldn't have to break resolutions because I'm so excited to see them. 

Oh well. Tomorrow starts a new semester. Now I can have New Semester's Resolutions. Perfect. 


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