Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magical Math

Something crazy (and by crazy I mean slightly more interesting than to-do lists) did happen in Trig today! All you loyal readers must have been sending your thoughts out to help my hopeless blogging.

First of all, you need to know something about me and college math courses. I secretly love them. I also might suffer from a slight superiority complex when it comes to math. Just being honest. So anytime I walk into a math class, I always sit in the front row (well, reasonably. I won't sit 3 rows in front of the entire rest of the class if the real "front row" starts on the 3rd row. So when that happens, like today, I sit on whatever is the front row at the time) and take out my notebook and calculator without looking at anyone else. (I once got asked out on a calculator... we'll save that story for another day.)

Today I felt like Hermione. If Hermione did Trigonometry instead of Arithmancy.

I was so ready for that math class. The teacher walks in and lets us all know that he wears hearing aids  so we must sit in the 1st three rows at all times. So much for front row. You know the dilemma. I can't move from my 3rd row spot because it has been deemed acceptable by the teacher so if I moved I would look WAY too eager to learn but if I don't move, I'm not in the front row. I decided to remain where I was for this class, but just get there early next time so as to secure front row privileges once more.

Wow. Enough about rows.

The teacher proceeds to talk about himself (as is normal for the first day) and the class. However, the talking about himself part lasted almost 30 minutes and included him asking almost every male in the class what his favorite team was in any particular sport. (For those of you who are less mathematically inclined... this is NOT normal for a math class.) Finally he starts to tell us about the class and actually starts teaching.

That was when I noticed it.

Not only was I Hermione, almost every person in the class could be well-compared to a Hogwarts character. Seriously. The annoying blond boy in the front row was, of course, Malfoy. But as class went on I decided he was really more of Ernie Macmillan. Still annoying, but not entirely evil. The boy sitting 2 chairs down from him was Viktor Krum. The girl across the aisle from them was either Fleur or Pansy. I know, I know. Those two are pretty different. But the semester is too young to make a definite conclusion. The boy one row up from Flansy was Neville. The girl one row up from him was Cho. But more like the AVPM Cho, then the book Cho. The young man sitting in front of me was Cedric.

It was perfect.

And a much better way to spend a class period then learning about triangles. Again.

See the resemblance???


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