Friday, July 2, 2010

It is possible that my head hurts because I read a book today that I got REALLY emotionally involved in. (Surprise, surprise.) And yes. I read it all in one day. Lemme tell ya, folks, I lead a really exciting life. 

In the midst of all the tears and sinus-clogging, I had a little photo-shoot with my favorite 7-month-old.

Think her parents would mind if I just took her back to Edmond with me when the summer's over?

Better question: Think my roommates would mind?



Bailey said...

Best question: What were you reading that made you sad?

laura said...

So if I read your statement right, she's your favorite SEVEN month old. Does that mean you have an opening for your favorite TEN month old? Lucy wants to apply for the position... and then she wants to actually meet you. {and reese just asked if she could be your favorite 39 month old}. We miss you! I hope you are having a great summer. Let's make plans to see each other again when you pass back through Arlington.

bschaefer002 said...

You can keep her...I am sure you will bring her back right around 7 pm when she is the most fussy!!! You will have to have a photo session with your favorite 82 month old tomorrow!!! Love that I found your blog-o-rific!!! Better yet, I am not mentioned!!!! Score one for being a good non noteworthy mom!!!