Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Furry Hands and Golden Babies

So I have taken it upon myself to clean the workroom at the church building. (Let's be real. I secretly love getting to organize and clean all day long.) Most of it has been pretty monotonous and not very interesting. Today, however, was slightly different. 

So the first find of the day was this puppet box. I'm expecting a toucan puppet that you put on your hand. (I just assumed the person who wrote on the box was being redundant.)

Nope. This was the only thing occupying the box. A strange furry hand.
So I can see through the next box that it's fairly normal.
Just a regular naked baby doll.
But wait? What are those strange golden babies?
That have holes in both ends of their bodies?
Seriously? What could any church in the world use this for?

For those of you expecting a present when I return, you can stop guessing. I think we'll all look great in our golden baby bracelets. 



Bailey said...

I think this is probably my favorite blog post on your entire blog, ever. Golden. Babies. What.

Anonymous said...

bahahaha i do love those golden babies

Stephanie said...

I would greatly enjoy owning one of those bracelets.

Karla said...

I MUST have one of those!!

A New Version Of An Old Scene said...

Oh my word, those are fantastic.