Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Friendly Fourth

Since my camera has officially met its end, I had to wait for my friends to post pictures from this weekend so that I could show all of you. 

Seven of us met up in Dallas for the weekend. I had told one of my friends before the trip that "it's like I have been drowning all summer but for one weekend I will be breathing from an oxygen tank." A bit dramatic much? 

Surprisingly, though, while it was fantastic to see everyone for a day or so, it wasn't awful leaving them behind. I was even slightly excited to get back to Houston. I think it's mostly because I know the Lord has me here for such specific reasons and I am truly loving living my life completely for Him. 

Ok. Done with the speech. Here are the pictures. 

What weekend in a hotel would be complete without jumping on the beds? 
Rebekah and me
Rebekah, me, Cameron, Aaron

I just love her. And I can't wait til I'm back in Edmond so I can see her all. the. time.
Believe me, folks, it exists.
Unfortunately, it was closed... so we went next door.
Just kidding!! (Although it really was next door.)
We went to the Dallas World Aquarium instead. Which. If you have not been. Go. Now. Stop reading and go. It was such a great aquarium experience.
My favorite part: the manatee.
It was slightly warm walking downtown, so a new style was invented. I think it will catch on nicely.


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Karla said...

I love seeing your sweet face. I can hardly wait until you are home but I am glad you are having an amazing summer complete with "life lessons". What more could a mom ask for. I love you!!!