Monday, May 31, 2010

Workin' 9 to 5

Well I'm back from probably the most eventful Memorial Day Weekend I've ever had.

We got to the beach house on Friday night and didn't leave until this afternoon. We only went to the actual beach twice, but it was a very enjoyable weekend nonetheless.

Let's see. I'm trying to think of interesting things we did that would also interest you guys.

I'm not coming up with much. For the most part we just kinda laid around all weekend.

I got to bond with the most adorable (and happiest) 6-month-old you will ever meet (let's call her K from here on out). She is precious. And I get to live with her all summer. So there. Maybe my baby craving will be lessened since I'll actually be living with one. I seriously doubt it though.

We ended the weekend by going to the Galveston Schlitterbahn today. Now, it's no New Braunfels Original Schlitterbahn, but it was pretty great. Nothing truly eventful happened there. Except when K and her dad (henceforth D for dad) flipped over in the rapids. Or when the 6-year-old (and let's call her E) almost got swept away by the current and as I was running after her came up in the back half of someone else's double tube. Ha. Ok. That one was pretty eventful. You should have seen the look on her face when I was NOT the person sitting in the other half of the tube.

So tomorrow I begin the real reason I'm here. The work. I'm nervous for so very many reasons. The commute. The people. The work itself.

But I'm also really excited.

Tonight as we were driving back into Houston, I had been asleep but woke up when the mom of my host family (you guessed it, M) told E to turn around to look at something. There was a huge, beautiful rainbow arching over Houston. God keeps his promises. Just another beautiful reminder of it. God keeps his promises. He brought me here for a reason and he's going to be faithful throughout my time here.


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