Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a Semester!

So it seems I have been slightly remiss on my blog duties. To make up for it, here is my past semester in 17 pictures.

We'll start with Spring Sing!!

Some lovely Pi girls at my house helping us make those GORGEOUS wedding dresses! 

Taking a break at B-Dub's after Final Approval. Me, Aaron, Lane. 

My amazing co-director, Kailee, and myself running our show in the gym. 

Two of my friends from home came to visit! Dith, Anna, Me. 

All my Pi girls!!! So proud of them! 

In the midst of Spring Sing, my parents hosted a review-type show at my school. Dad, Sister, Mom, Me.

Then there was Pi Banquet:

Awkward prom picture before banquet. I'll just name the girls. Me, Bekah, Kailee, Stephanie. 

My wonderful friend and co-director, Kailee. 

My date and good friend, Aaron.

Then there was a "thrift-store prom" for Pi and Kappa. (Two clubs on campus.)

My friend Shawn and I. 

All semester long, several of my friends and I have been coaching LTC at our church. So Easter weekend we went to Dallas. But first we made a stop by Babe's Chicken:

Holly, Rebekah, Lane, Aaron, Me

Me and Aaron with our drama team. 

Lane, Me, Aaron

Yesterday was Kappa (a boy club here on campus) Banquet! We spent all day at the zoo and then had a semi-formal banquet that night. It was SOOO fun! 

All the ladies. Bailey, Stephanie, Bekah, Kailee, Me. 

Bekah and I all dressed up at night. 

Pi girls doing the Pi face and sign at Kappa banquet. 

Aaron and I at BJ's after banquet.

All in all, it's been a great semester. It's probably been one of the hardest in my college career, academically, relationally, emotionally, you name it, but it's also been one of the best. I have an amazing group of friends and I'm just loving life! 

Now I have to go out and celebrate my birthday. That's right. I am 21 today! 

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Sunday. 

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laura said...

there sure are a lot of pictures of you and Aaron. Hmm.