Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Officially an Adult

Well. I'm 21. Which is so young. But also the perfect number for adulthood. Yes, I am aware that I was technically an adult at 18, but now it's official. Here's some pictures from my big day.

My first birthday party was at BJ's for lunch. And they give you a free Pizookie!! It was wonderful.
And then at my second party at Applebee's I got a free sundae! (Ignore the crazy eyes. I was super excited about that thing.)
What a wonderful group of people! They made my birthday soooo fantastic!!! 

And on a completely unrelated note:
My roommate is engaged!!!! And I take full credit for this. Well, maybe not full credit. But I did introduce them way back at Earn Your Wings freshmen year. So some credit is due to me. 


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