Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Have Decided

It is now 11:33 PM. I should be doing some of the loads of algebra homework I have. Or the conducting homework. Or even practicing voice or piano. I could be washing my face or my clothes or my body. I could be cleaning. Or doing another one of the thousand things I should be doing. However, I'm blogging. Welcome to my life.

I had already decided (even before my rant and rave about club night) which club I was going to rush. The Lord led me directly to this club and I was somewhat excited. But tonight, I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to be a part of it!!! Tonight was their first big rush event, Pi Paradise. Of course, their night for an event was my night to work! (This week each club gets a night and they're the only one allowed to have an event.) I was SO upset that I had to miss it. But at about 9:00, my best friend (who's also rushing the same club) walks in with a lei to give me from Pi Paradise. And she says "I have another surprise coming soon." Then in walks the officers!!! she got them all to come see me because I couldn't come. I don't even know them!!! Oh my gosh, I was so excited. I'm so proud that this is the club I'm going to be in (hopefully) and I can't wait to finally be a part of it! Yay Pi Zeta Phi. 

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laura said...

hey! best idea ever...let me make you a blog header. let me know. free, of course.