Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gamma Iota Theta Pi Alpha Chi... Oh My

Last night officially began rush week. Wow. It was club night which is basically where all the clubs have a booth and you sign up to get invited to rush events. I absolutely hated it. Now, I am SOOO excited about rushing. I can't wait for all the events and even more so to actually be in club (because I go to a Christian university, it's called club and not sorority). But last night was awful. First of all, it was just everybody competing with everyone else. Secondly, everyone was so fake. Ok, definitely not everyone, but a vast majority of the girls. There were SEVERAL girls who I know if I passed them in the hallway wouldn't give me a second look but last night they were SO excited to see me and would shout my name across the pavilion. I'm not saying club is bad. I kinda like the idea and, like I said, am so excited about rushing. At the moment, however, I'm a tad disenchanted with the whole process. 


Gena said...

I guess it was nice they deemed you worthy enough to be shouted at. Right? Just kidding. Don't worry too much about club. You'll be holed up in practice rooms and musicals pretty soon anyways. :)

laura said...

I'm sorry it made you feel that way. Just look for the real club. The one with girls who are the same all the time. It shouldn't be too hard to spot them :)

Love you!