Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This look just demands respect. Right?
So maybe Tuesdays are shower nights. 
And maybe I don't want to do my hair or makeup again 
after I've showered for the night.
And maybe I just want to wear sweats.
And maybe it makes me look insane when I go 
to check on club practices.
And maybe my roommate thinks it's weird that I periodically ask her to take pictures of me purposely cutting off my head. 
And maybe clubs judge me when I walk in.
And maybe I uttered the words today 
"I'm ready for Spring Sing to be over."

But it's ok. Tuesday will be over soon. I will sleep soon. And tomorrow I will wake up loving Spring Sing again. 



Terra said...

I am greatly enjoying these sneak peaks!! It makes me miss and not miss Spring Sing all at the same time, haha

Ashley said...

I can't read your blog in class anymore, I just laughed out loud before I realized the classroom was silent.