Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Make It 4

So you've seen this and this, which makes 3 times I'll 
be a bridesmaid in 2011.

Well now... there's this:

My friend Ashley has also asked me to be a bridesmaid! 

Where to even begin with our friendship. 
We lived down the hall from each other freshmen year 
and met in Honors.
Freshmen year held many late nights writing papers.
Getting high on caffeine together. 
(Headphones and brown shirts, anyone?)
Valentine's Days spent together. 
(Remember those weird pickles?)
Weird freshmen year escapades. 
(Like flushing live fish down the toilet.)
Rushing the same club.
Girls' nights and surprise birthday parties.
Seeing each other through boy after boy.
(For both of us.)
Loving and understanding each other when the other one is crazy.
(She did a much better job at this than I did.)
And just generally being fantastic friends all 4 years. 

I am beyond excited to be in your wedding. Some of my absolute favorite college memories involve you. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you the past 4 years. Thank you for the laughs and the talks and the advice and everything else. 
Now let's do this! August 13th, here we come!!! 

(And Andrew, if you for some reason read this, I'm excited for you too. It's just that the only two pictures we have together are, to put it nicely, not very flattering of me. Hope you understand.)


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