Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discipline Thursday

The discipline: Waking up at 6 am and no texting.
Success of discipline: The first two days I woke up at 6:30. Every other day? Anywhere from 8 - 9:30. Oops. But I successfully did not text for one whole week.
The lessons:

  • I had to be present. When I was someplace I didn't want to be or talking to someone I didn't want to be talking to, I couldn't escape by texting. I had to be where I was and paying attention to who I was with. No escaping. No dwelling on other things. Just being present. It was oddly refreshing.
  • Some things are just not as important as they seem in the moment. When I couldn't just text my friends when a conversation didn't go as planned, I forgot about it. When I couldn't immediately tell them about the girl who gave me a dirty look in class, it didn't really matter anymore. It allowed me to stop worrying about every little thing in my day and just relax.
  • We are not used to real communication. People were shocked when I would call them instead of text them back. Not that I think texting is evil or anything, I just think sometimes we forget what it means to actually communicate with the people around us.
  • And as for waking up every day - I learned that I am not a morning person. I would love to be. Really, really. But I'm just not. If you have any pointers, I would love to hear them.
This week's discipline: Be positive. It's going to take a different form for everyone. For me it's no complaining and no saying anything bad about myself. 


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