Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Could Be a Problem

Last night I distinctly remember taking my hair down before bed. I got home around 1:30. My parents were asleep so I was trying to be as quiet as possible and turn on as little lights as possible. I took my bobby pins out and set them on my dresser. I took my hair tie out and put it on my wrist. I remember looking at my wrist and thinking it was weird that I was wearing two hair ties because I usually don't have any on my wrist and have to borrow some. I distinctly remember all these things. Hair down. Hair ties on wrist.

I woke up this morning with braided pigtails and no hair ties on my wrist. Um. What??? I had to think for about 5 minutes whether I had slept in pigtails or not. Answer: no. "Hair down. Hair ties on wrist." What happened??? Now, I have been known to sleep-walk. Actually, I sleep-walk a lot. When I was little it was a lot worse. I thought that I had all this down. I thought I woke myself up anytime I slept-walk now. Apparently not. Apparently I braid my hair into pigtails in the middle of the night in my sleep. And this scares me. There is no telling what else I do in my sleep.


Summer Lashley said...

If it makes you feel any better Mia eats carrots in the middle of the kitchen floor in her sleep.

laura said...

that is awesome. if i could braid, i would do that as well. but for now, i just take paintings off the wall and move presents around the living room.

laura said...

o and i bet when you went to bed thinking about your two hair ties you mind started thinking of all the great fun things you could do with two hair ties...and then you did it.

last night i dreamt about sooner...only it was a different week, with different people. we slept like two people per "cabin" and by cabin i mean two people per bunk bed and they were just out in the woods. my dad's broke in the middle of the night and chris scott was my date. he went to the mall and bought me a shirt to prove he loved me...HA!

Gena said...

I meant to tell you how funny that is! It's weird knowing you do things in your sleep but have no recollection. I've never heard of styling hair, though.