Friday, August 22, 2008

For all of you sitting on the edge of your seats...

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted. 11 days. That's a long time. Part of the reason I haven't posted is because my camera broke so there are no pictures to speak of. But I'll just fill you in on everything sans pictures.

Last week:
Work, work, and more work. We've lost several baristas so my shifts are usually 8 1/2 hours long now. It's exhausting!!! But I still love it (most of the time). Nothing really exciting happened during the week last week except that I watched the Olympics non-stop. Oh man oh man. I LOVE the Olympics. My friends make fun of me because I'm so edgy during them but hey, that's life.

Last weekend:
My friends from Texas came to see me!! It was such a wonderful weekend! These girls (see post down the page with pictures) were some of my friends from high school. The weird thing is, they weren't friends in high school. In fact, Amanda and I weren't really even friends in high school. But the summer before college, we became really close. Well then Carlee and Amanda went to college together, became good friends, and are now going to be roommates! It's so weird. But anyway, last weekend was so amazing getting to catch up with them and see how much each of us has grown. I love them both SO much! (Pictures to come as soon as Carlee sends them to me.)

This week:
Work, work, and more work. Again, 8 1/2 hour shifts. Exhausting. This sounds familiar. On Tuesday night my mom cooked dinner for some of my friends. She is an AMAZING cook and an even better hostess. My friends loved it.

So I know this was such an exciting post that you are all dying to go share it with your friends. So share away.

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