Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tops, Totes, and Towels

In my 19 years as a girl, I have never been one to shop emotionally. Never. In fact, I just about hated shopping for my entire high school career. You would never find me at the mall unless a boy had asked me to go there. This summer, however, I have found myself shopping more and more. Two of my friends are shop-aholics. No joke. I guess they rubbed off. Anyway, I feel slightly guilty (although slightly impressed with myself) at the amount of stuff I've purchased in the last two days. First, my friend Whitney took me to 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing. BEST STORE EVER!!! 5 swimsuit tops (most of them from Victoria's Secret), 1 bottom, 2 one-pieces, 1 full two-piece set, and a pair of sunglasses for $45. You can't beat that. Then me and Amy went to Target and of course today had to hit up Zida for the huge sale. Oh my. Ohhhhhh my. I'm probably going to ban myself from shopping for a month or so.

In other news, I hate line-dried towels. My mom has decided that this is the best way to dry towels. Now, I absolutely love my mom. I do. But I'm thinking this idea is gonna have to go. They are stiff and coarse and let me tell you, grass all over my body after a perfectly clean shower is not exactly my cup of tea. Don't let the picture fool you. They are not your normal towels. They are line-dried monsters just waiting to make your most wonderful shower perfectly miserable.

17 DAYS.


Karla said...

In my defense, I am saving a ton of electricty by drying the towels and sheets on the line. And they smell fabulous! Plus, I am doing my part in perserving the environment for my CHILDREN!

Karla said...

OK...I am not an idiot...I do know how to spell preserve. It's all the time in the heat and sun when I am hanging towels on the line.

laura said...

you could always fluff them for a minute after line dried!

o and i can just hear your mom saying 'fabulous.' awww, i miss y'all.