Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Past Month

Yesterday marked exactly one month since my recital. 

And what a month it has been.

It's been a month of dealing with hard things. A month of watching friends cry and being held by good friends while I cry. It's been a month of learning lessons I didn't want to learn and a month of getting way less sleep than my body demands.

But it's also been a month of trusting in God when it didn't seem possible. A month of love shown by really great friends. It's been a month of amazing growth through hard lessons and a month of knowing that I need more than 
physical strength to get me through a day.

So here are a few pictures from a month I'm sure I will never forget:

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Cassie said...

Keep trusting in God. It can be hard sometimes (I've been there this month too), but I will never forget some very poignant words I once heard: Not trusting in God is like not trusting in your Mom. Oh the wisdom that comes from unusual circumstances.. Hope you are well!