Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amazing August

Now that August is almost over and I have officially done 
everything on my list, I guess it's time to update. 
1. Moved into my new rent house.
To say there have been problems would be an understatement.
 For the first 20 days of living here we did not have a shower, washer, outlets in our rooms, or keys to unlock the front door.
Everything is slowly but not so surely getting taken care of.
 We definitely have learned some 
lessons on what not to do when renting.

 I had my first friends over! 
(Shawn, me, Aaron, Cameron)
While these boys are simply wonderful, 
they cannot take normal pictures on the first try.
 Neither my room or car look like this anymore, 
but it has still taken awhile to get settled.
 That's probably because of 2 and 3 on my list.

2. Start my last college class.
Finish my last college class?
Will do on Sunday.
Pass my last college class?
Please, Chip, please!!! 

3. Recital Hearing
My recital is September 8th. 

4. See another best friend get married in Colorado
There are no adequate words to describe 
how beautiful this wedding was.
Or how much I cried.
 Ashley's been one of my best friends since freshmen year.
Allow me to be nostalgic for a moment:
I remember the first time I brought her over to my house to do homework. I told my mom all about my new friend and how I thought she was so cool and we could really get along. 
Four years later, I still think both of those things.

 Ashley, I love you and miss you, but know you're 
going to have such a fantastic life in Phoenix! 

5. See Sara Bareilles in concert.
Oh. My. Word.
Everything about this night was perfect. 
Sara was amazing. Beyond amazing. 
I would go again in a heartbeat. 

6. Start student teaching
And, oh man, did I start student teaching. 
I really do love it, but it's exhausting. 
I honestly never thought sleeping until 9 
on a Saturday would feel like sleeping til 2. 

So there's August for you. 
SUCH a wonderful month. 
Now let's get that pesky recital out of the way 
so I can enjoy the rest of my fall.