Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Full Swing

Everything is in full swing! LTC. Spring Sing. Music History. Spring Sing. Trigonometry. Spring Sing. Other Pi stuff. Oh, and did I mention Spring Sing?

It's consuming my time. Just eating it right up. But I kinda love it. I love seeing the show come together and seeing all the girls have fun together while learning the choreography. I love my co-director and can't imagine what this semester would have been like had we not been friends. I love just being in charge of something. (Shocking. I know.)

So now we're just 3 weeks out. We're teaching our last song tonight and then we will have our WHOLE SHOW learned. We have 30-some-odd veils made. 6 or so dresses completed with many more on the way. All the shoes bought. All the lock-ins settled. Blurb location well under way. Music ready this weekend.

I'm feeling good about it.

Now I just need to go study for all my tests. And do my homework. What? I still go to school? Crazy.

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