Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday (jumping on the bandwagon)

Sorry, Gena, but I had to copy you. It's just too hard to pass up a chance to not have a planned out post.

I'm desperately hoping it will not be this cold a week from now. My banquet dress is strapless and I just don't think a strapless dress with this weather will be a good combination. I'll let you know.

In 10 days my LTC chorus will be performing for the whole church. GULP! I mean, we have amazing kids in it that can REALLY sing and are really great musicians. However, they have a tad bit of trouble with showing up to practice. I'm pretty sure I yelled at them last night. There goes my reputation as the fun-loving college kid.

I sleep walk way too much. Last night I did it twice. Once, I walked into the living room and started talking to my roommate. The other time I was positive that something poisonous was in our room and I needed to get us both out of there. I eventually woke up and went back to bed. About a week ago I ended up texting one of my friends in my sleep. I conveniently let him know that I was using his bed while he was on vacation. Um. WHAT?!?!? I was definitely safely in my bed and I'm pretty sure I don't even know where his apartment is. Needless to say, that was extremely embarrassing. So I should probably get a handle on this whole doing stuff in my sleep, thing.

My roommates and I got a GREAT apartment for next year. I'm thoroughly excited. It has a big balcony and everything. I'll have a room to myself so I'm thinking I'm going to get a futon and a new bedspread and decorate it real cute. It will be great.

Everyone needs to stop what they're doing right now (well, finish reading my post, comment, and THEN stop what you're doing) and go to On Cue. So I might have agreed with my friend that it was a waste of space. That we didn't need another gas station. That the horrible destruction of land was a detriment to us all. So I might have been lying. It. Is. Wonderful. It's like having our very own QT only cleaner, bigger, and better. Yes, friends. It is true. I think I have switched allegiance. One bite of the ham and cheese stuffed breadstick and you will, too.

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