Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More than 2 Months!! (Shocking... I know)

Ok everyone!! I'm back. As you can probably tell by my severe lack of posting, I've been incredibly busy this semester. The pictures below are just a little taste of everything I've been up to so far this semester. From January until Valentine's Day weekend, I was in a show called the Valentine Cabaret (all the pictures of me on stage in black). It was so fantastic!! I loved being on stage even if rehearsals took up ALL of my time. I just got done with Spring Sing last weekend. I wasn't in my club's show, but I was able to be in a back-up choir for one of the hosts. So basically, I got all of the benefits of Spring Sing without any of the work. It was so great! The picture with the girl in the red wig is from Spring Sing. Her club (Gamma Rho, the club that won) was Pippi Longstocking. And then of course I've been spending time with friends.

I'm now working 3 jobs. I teach piano lessons, work in the school's box office, and am also a music recruiter. It keeps me busy but also keeps all my activities funded.

Speaking of funding, I've decided to go to Germany this summer on a singing campaign!! I've never been to Europe so I am SO excited about this. I'll be there for about 5 weeks and will stay in Chemnitz, Oelsnitz (I don't know how to spell that!), Prague, and Italy. If I could ask for your prayers for this, that would be amazing. The Lord is already doing great things through this work!

I think that's it for today. Thanks for staying with me through my catch-up post. Hopefully now I'll be posting semi-regularly.


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Ledbetter Fam said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad you're back.