Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and other things

** Ok, so disclaimer: Blogger is freaking out! Actually, I just don't know how to work it. It now uploads pictures in a weird way so that I can't actually see the pictures but instead see all the internet lingo. Anyone know how to fix this? Laura, if you do, you can just go on in and fix it. Haha. **

Christmas was great this year!! It's weird to be asking for things like towels and a metronome. What's even weirder is actually wanting those things. But it was great all around.

We gave Nanny a bracelet with all the birthstones of her kids and grandkids on it. She loved it. Culp got his usual shirts.

My gag gift from Karenna. It's broken up gnomes in a jar. I'm pretty sure only Sooner people will understand this.

On Christmas Eve we had our annual Wii Bowling Tournament with my cousins. Girls vs Boys. I think the boys won this year, but I'm not sure.

I'm basically my mom just 27 years younger.

And all of us together.

So Christmas was good. Next post I'll tell you what all my dad got. Haha. I think you'll be surprised, well, maybe not. Hope everyone is having a great week back at school and work!!


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