Monday, January 21, 2013

The Year Agos: Major Crushing

As I walked around the corner from my meeting, I squealed with delight over my best friend sitting in the office. This was her first visit to my new Tulsa home, and it could not have happened at a better time. I gushed on and on about how great Tulsa was, but,  most importantly, how cute this new boy was. I couldn't wait for her to meet him.

Driving to his house where we would meet him for dinner, I carefully gave Kaylee strict instructions.

"Watch him. Tell me what you think. Does he like me? Is he just being nice? Is he interested?"

I was very concerned, and this was a job only a best friend could complete. 

Dinner with him and his roommate went well, and then began the long drive out to the party. Adam had invited both Kaylee and I to this party where we were pretty sure we would not know anyone. (Looking back makes this even funnier because the girl throwing the party is now in my wedding and I am in hers. I love her dearly and am so thankful she is one of my closest friends.) 

Kaylee, being the amazing best friend that she is, took the backseat with Adam's unknown friend so I could have the front seat with my new crush. And thus began one of the funniest car rides of my life. Adam played some of his favorite band (OneRepublic) for me while I listened, ooohed, and ahhhed over how great they were. We giggled about various things and generally both felt extremely nervous.

Kaylee, on the other hand, listened to a long debriefing over weather balloons and breaking the sound barrier. She definitely won the best friend award for the night, taking one for the team.

After the party (which went well), Kaylee and I compared notes on whether or not he might actually be interested. We still couldn't figure it out, and I was going insane! 

Saturday was a new day with new invitations and communications to analyze. If I had known where this was all leading, I might have stepped back to take a breath and chill out. But, alas, I freaked out as was normal for those days.

We all went to a basketball game on Saturday night. On the way there, my friend Kim informed us about several things Adam-related. Most importantly, that he LOVED karaoke. I could handle that. 

The rest of the weekend pretty much flew by in a giddy blur. I was definitely crushing on this Delta guy I had met the week before. Where it would lead? I had no idea. Was I scared? Absolutely. But that didn't stop me from jumping in with both feet. Probably because the Lord had a much bigger plan than I did. He could see the next year, today, while I was stuck seeing the year ago. And isn't that almost always the case? 

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