Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Man of My Dreams

I got ready for my Friday night double-date with more anticipation and giddiness than would be considered normal for a double-date. But I had my suspicions. Could this be the night? Was I about to be asked one of the most important questions of my life? 

My excitement turned into confusion as a text from my best friend informed me she would be at a rehearsal dinner that evening. Wouldn't she be coming to Tulsa if this was the exciting night I dreamed it would be? 

My confusion grew as I arrived at the restaurant and half of the other couple was already there, waiting for the food she had already ordered for us all. After all, we did have to get to the movie (which I really had no desire to see) at 7:15. Both of our boyfriends were running late. As the minutes crept by, my appetite crept away. I didn't want to be disappointed - I was still on a date.

But then two people walked around the corner to sit at our table. Two people I was not expecting. Two people who had shared so much in my journey. As the two people, including my best friend (who had so conveniently lied), sat at our table I became speechless. 

I knew the time was here. I was about to start the journey I had been waiting for my whole life.

We quickly ate dinner before I was whisked away on my treasure hunt. Kaylee had given me the first piece of my map and my first clue and task. So off we went to Starbucks to buy a hot chocolate.
And then to the place I first met Adam. Waiting for me there was one of my dear, dear friends who had introduced me to that man the first time. A night I don't really remember due to the fatigue of my first day of school. As I hugged my dear friend, I thought back on all of those first months.
 Our first date.
 Our first months together.
 Getting to know how goofy he really was.
 Falling in love with a hard-working man.
Learning each other from the very beginning. 

Coming back to the present where I was experiencing the most romantic night of my life, I read the clue in that first exact spot I spoke with the future love of my life. And then off we went to the place of our first date. As we drove I remembered that night and how nervous we both were at the beginning. But how we decided to just have fun. Boy, did we have fun! We laughed and joked, flirted and told stories. We played Guitar Hero and he learned just how competitive I was.

At our next stop, I was presented with 3 men who have walked with Adam in his journey.
Can we just take a moment to notice the crazy amount of gold and maroon? One word: Delta.
Which made me start to think about the beginning and the way we each wove the other into our already full lives.
 Going to concerts with friends.
 Heading to political something or others. 
(I'm not really into the whole political thing.)
 Changing preconcieved ideas for the man my heart adored.
 Introducing best friends who allowed me to gush day in and day out.
 Making new friends and doing new things.
Being goofy while saying goodbye (and starting 2 of the absolute hardest weeks of this year). 

Bringing my mind back again, I headed off to a bookstore where Adam once so lovingly waited while I searched through hundreds of octavos. Upon arriving at the store, I was panicky. It was closed!! I wasn't going to get my clue! What was I supposed to do?!?

Then two people so dear to my heart stepped around the corner.
These roommates who shared all of college with me. Who held me while I cried wondering if a love story would ever happen to me. Who I watched say yes to their husbands while I cried tears of joy from them. They handed me the last clue which said I had to walk the last few paces alone.

This was it. He would be waiting for me there.

The tears started in the car and probably didn't stop the rest of the night. I thought about everything we had shared the past 8 1/2 months.
 Adam walking me all the way through the hardest training of my life.
 Falling in love with his family.

 Waking up at 5:00 AM to get breakfast on my birthday.
 Learning the other's reactions and feelings.
 Finding precious baby animals.
 Surprising him on his birthday.
 More family love. (I mean, really, aren't they just beautiful?)
 Celebrating 6 months together.
 Football games.
 Ice cream.

I arrived at the "X-marks-the-spot" to candles, roses, and romantic music. Walking the path, I discovered a treasure chest filled with gold coins. But, more precious than that, were the memories written on the coins. Treasures he had gathered from our precious time together.

After reading the beautiful letter he had left, I turned to face the man of my dreams. As tears filled our eyes, we were rendered speechless by the momentous occasion. Eventually there was nothing else to say or see and he knelt on one knee asking me the easiest question I've ever heard. I said yes and held out my hand waiting for that sparkly ring. We held each other as Jimmy Needham played. He sang in my ear.

We went back inside to squeal with all the friends waiting there. Ok, I squealed. He... talked? I was a little consumed with the squealing.

Riding back to my house, we swapped our different stories of the night. I called one of my best friends but had to hang up when I saw my parents car in the driveway. We walked into a house filled with our friends and family.

When I was little, I played wedding all the time, putting the armrest cover over my head as a veil. But, unlike many little girls, I didn't dream of how my wedding would look. I spent my time dreaming of the man I would marry.

I wanted him to be strong, funny, goofy, loving, hard-working, caring, and so much more. There was a time, especially in college, when I was convinced that man would never happen for me, but I am so glad I was wrong.

I am engaged to marry the man of my dreams. The man my parents have been praying for all these years. The man who makes my heart flip when he walks in the room. The man who loves God and loves me. The man who is going to share the rest of my life.
I. Can't. Wait.


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Welp, I'm crying now. I feel like a moron. But totally worth it - great story, great post.

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so glad you shared your story with us! He sounds wonderful!