Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things needed to have successful Sunday Lunches for 40

#1. A stockpot
People eat a lot of noodles.

#2. A dishwasher
Not necessary, but definitely beneficial in washing 40+ dishes

#3. Baking soda
Essential. Especially for bare hands that cut jalapenos and stock pots that have noodles burned to the bottom. 

#4. Chairs
Not a necessity. People WILL sit on the floor.

#5. Trashbags
Oh my oh my oh my. The trash a crowd can produce. 
 #6. Delicious food.
Slightly optional. Today proves that people (especially college students) will eat almost anything. Even nasty pasta. 

#7. People
If you cook it, they will come.

If you don't have any of these things, no big deal. 
Really the only thing needed to have successful Sunday Lunches is a really big God who does great things through flawed people.

I serve a magnificent God.


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